What Parents Should Know

The United States Naval Sea Cadet Corps (USNSCC) organization was created to give youth ages 10-17 the opportunity to participate in a program based on the core values of honor, courage, and commitment.  Joining our squadron is as much a family committment as it is a cadet committment.  Without a solid support structure at home, the cadet will most certainly fail to perform at their highest potential. 


Drills occur once a month on a Saturday and Sunday.  We do not have facilities to stay overnight on Saturday.  We do provide opportunities to attend church services Sunday morning.  Please review the squadron Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for more details on our unit (see link below).

We value on-point, real-time communication with enrolled cadets, their parents/guardians and unit staff. For that purpose, we are using a private group chat function on What's App. We encourage (but don't require) all cadets and their parents/guardians to download the What's App application (for free) onto their smartphones and get invited into the conversation upon joining the Squadron. This allows all interested parties the most up-to-date information about Squadron activities, as well as safe, easy and timely access to the unit's leadership.


Expectations of Parents:

  • We welcome your participation as an officer in the Squadron, an instructor that helps with transportation and other activities, or a member of the parents auxiliary that helps with significant events throughout the year (like the year-end celebration).

  • We welcome you to observe drill any weekend.

  • We expect you to check the Plan of the Month (POM) on the website so you know what your cadet needs to wear and what time they need to be dropped off/picked up from drill.

  • We expect you to arrange transportation to and from the drill location and to drop-off and pick-up your cadet on time.

  • We expect you to be available if your cadet needs to be picked up at drill for any reason.

  • We expect you to provide opportunities for cadets to take ownership over their participation in the program.  This includes finishing coursework, communicating with their Chain of Command when they need a question answered, and providing you the information you need.

  • We expect you to support cadets in procuring any additional uniform pieces that are required and encourage them to earn the money themselves for these items (through you or through other opportunities).

  • We expect you to attend award ceremonies to acknowledge your Cadet’s achievements and advancements.


Expectations of Cadets:

  • We expect cadets to look at the Plan of the Month (POM) so they know what uniforms to prepare for drill weekend, what to wear for drill, what times drill starts/ends, and what to bring to drill.

  • We expect cadets to follow the Chain of Command when getting the answers to their questions.

  • We expect cadets to know what to do to advance and stay on top of their ribbons and coursework.  We provide many opportunities during drill to earn ribbons, but there are opportunities outside of drill to earn ribbons as well.

  • We expect cadets to take ownership in the program including earning the money for uniform items and trainings.

  • We expect cadets to communicate pertinent and timely items to their parents.

  • We expect cadets to conduct themselves and wear their uniforms in a manner honoring the United States Navy.

  • We require cadets to be at 75% of the drills throughout a year.

  • We expect cadets to be at the Annual Inspection (typically in March).