It's A Wrap
Posted July 4, 2021

The Combined Training Command Area 15 completed their 8-day summer training evolution this last weekend at Camp Williams. Over one hundred cadets came from all over the country and from local units as well to attend the various offerings. We were lucky to have an excellent team of over 20 adult volunteers who gave a week of their valuable free time to assist cadets in their training.

Bravo zulu to all cadets who successfully completed their RT or an AT.

A big shout out goes to LCDR Wayne Baker and LCDR Jeanette Hernandez for organizing a great training experience for all.

Offsite Field Training Exercise (FTX)
in Idaho a Success
Posted May 22, 2021

Last weekend, our unit traveled to a remote site in southern Idaho with our other local unit (Battleship Utah).  A Forward Operating Base (FOB) camp was set up and a total of 4 missions over a 3-square-mile area were carried out over the course of the day and evening. The Cadets were divided into 3 fire teams and rotated through various roles including Patrol, Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) squad and Headquarters (HQ).

The cadets utilized and practiced the skills they had learned over the last several drills as well as teamwork, radio comms, overwatch and night operations. In spite of the cool temperatures and brief rain, all cadets were highly engaged and performed very well.

A special thank you goes out to Julie Rudie, who handled all culinary operations flawlessly.

This evolution provided Advanced Training credit (required for promotion) for the participating cadets.

Welcome to Our New CO, LTjg Rudie and Congratulations to Our Newly-Pinned CPOs
Posted April 14, 2021

The Jake Garn Squadron announces a change in command, effective 11 Apr 21. LTjg Aaron Rudie officially took the helm from LTjg Marc Russon at the Change of Command Ceremony that was held at our last drill. LTjg Rudie comes with experience heading up the Battleship Utah for the past 2 years. LTjg Russon will be moving into education development at the regional level.

We were also thrilled to have a pinning ceremony for two senior cadets who have earned their CPO rank, Cadet Jackson Putnam from the Jake Garn Squadron and Cadet Carter Rudie from the Battleship Utah.

Congratulations to all for these accomplishments!

Two Local Leaders Selected for 2021 National Recognition

Posted April 12, 2021


National awards are announced annually and we are proud of two local leaders who have been recognized this year:

Our outgoing CO, LTjg Marc Russon, is being awarded  "Officer of the Year" for the Northwest/HI/GU Area, as well as receiving the national-level Nicholas Brango Award for Inspirational Leadership.

Our Regional Director, LCDR Jeanette Hernandez, has earned the "Regional Director's Recruiter of the Year" for the Northwest Area, in addition to a special national award, the Bruce B. Smith Award for Regional Director's Recruiter of the Year.

Congratulations to both of these individuals! They spend countless hours working to continuously improve the Sea Cadet program and this recognition is well-deserved!

Recruitment is a Priority

Updated January 12, 2022


Sea Cadets offers a variety of exciting opportunities for leadership development and personal growth. We are always looking for new members to share it with throughout the year.

We would like all cadets to focus on recruiting for the unit.  Talk to your friends and invite them to a drill.  Recruit candidates are welcome to shadow any time. The only requirement is that their parent/guardian fill out the proper waiver, available on this website under "Home" -> "Drill Visit". Parents/guardians are always welcome to observe drill activities as well.

We are hoping that 2022 will be a banner year for the squadron.  With everyone helping, we can continue to develop this squadron with dedicated young adults who are motivated to improve themselves and the unit as a whole.

Upcoming Events


Next Drill

June 4-5

Summer Training 2022

Keep an eye out for the national Summer Training schedule. It usually starts to post in April and new trainings are added as the summer months draw near.

Several overnight training 

options, as part of the national offerings, will be held locally this year from July 23-30 at Camp Williams.

New recruit cadets need to prioritize attending RT (Recruit Training) in order to take advantage of all that the Sea Cadet program has to offer, especially the wide variety of Advanced Trainings (ATs) offered throughout the country.

Cadets can do RT and additional ATs in the same summer, if desired!

View all national training opportunities HERE: