Cadets of the squadron will meet monthly for drill, which consists of physical exercise, classroom time and military training, as well as occasional off-site activities and various community service opportunities. Upcoming drill information will be located on this page of the website under Plan of the Month (located to the right).

Cadets are expected to attend drill weekends from 0800 to 1600, Saturday and Sunday , on a once-a-month basis.

The Plan of the Month (POM) announcement will be posted approximately two weeks prior to drill and will include all scheduling, uniform/gear requirements, and specific details and expectations for that drill.  The cadet is responsible to understand and adhere to the POM each drill. 

Optional Opportunities

In addition to regular monthly drills, there are other events that come up and are scheduled on an ad hoc basis, including color guards, parades, fund raising and community service projects.  These are voluntary but are often very helpful for achievement of requirements to earn various ribbons.



Uniforms are issued as soon as possible after paid membership.  Wearing the uniform is a privilege granted to USNSCC by the US Navy. Under no circumstances will an incomplete or improper uniform be allowed to be worn at drill.  During drill, cadets with improper uniforms will either be sent home or reverted to PT gear.  Additionally, incomplete or improper uniforms shall not be worn in public, or at the Utah Military Academy.  



Many ribbons can be earned while in the Sea Cadet Corps.  Some examples are:

  • Academic Achievement

  • Community Service

  • Physical Fitness

  • Marksman

  • Drug Reduction

  • Staff Cadet

  • Color Guard



Completing coursework is essential for promotion and continuance in the program.  All coursework is now completed on-line.  Cadets must establish a login on the Quarterdeck.  To establish a login, go to: https://quarterdeck.seacadets.org/secure/login.aspx and follow the directions.  Once you are in the Quarterdeck space, select "Polaris" portal.  Start with E1 and progress through the trainings.  You can complete trainings as quickly as you like.


You must attend Recruit Training (RT) or Navy League Orientation (NLO) prior to rank advancement and to qualify for other advanced trainings.  Please see the RT and Advanced Training step-by-step sign up instructions associated with the blue button below:


13-14 FEB Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC)
6-7 MAR - Radio Comms
Land Navigation
Combat Ops Center
10-11 APR - Intro to EOD
Patrolling/Camping Basics
Field Ops Practice

14-16 MAY - Field Training  (FTX) Overnight
5-6 JUN- Basic Sailing and Service Project Overnight (postponed)
Drill relocated to UMA

National Trainings (Recruit and Advanced Trainings)
No unit drill
26 JUN - 3 JUL Trainings available locally at
Camp Williams

14-15 AUG - Damage Control: Flooding and Fire

11-12 SEP Weapons Training 
Small Unit Ops

2-3 OCT McAuliffe Space Center Field Trip
Intro to Naval Intelligence

6-7 NOV Recognizing National Service 

18 DEC - Wreaths Across America Ceremony


Education Material Links for Sea Cadet Advancement (13-17yo):

Field Training

Learning to call in IED spot report using 9-Line radio format

Education Material Links for League Cadet Advancement (10-13yo):

chief rank patch.png


Seaman Recruit (SR) cadets first attend Recruit Training (RT), which is to be completed sometime in the cadet's first year (offered during summer and winter breaks), in order to advance from SR to Seaman Apprentice (SA).  To attend RT, SR cadets need to complete the E1 course, available on-line through the Polaris portal of the Quarterdeck website.

SA cadets then proceed with progressive coursework in Polaris, along with regular drill attendance, time-in-rank and participation in Advanced Trainings (ATs) to earn rank advancement over the course of their time in Sea Cadets. The highest rank and honor is to achieve Chief Petty Officer (CPO), a notable accomplishment.

Cadets who choose to enlist after their time in the USNSCC may qualify for a higher rank and pay grade after boot camp.