A Challenge that is Rewarding

Being a Sea Cadet is not easy.  It requires committment and a considerable amount of work.  Each cadet is required to attend Recruit Training (RT) within their first year of membership.  To attend RT, each cadet must complete the Basic Military Requirements (BMR) course.  The BMR is a challenging assignment that is designed to help the cadet understand the basics of US Navy life and operation.  The course is challenging and parental help is highly recommended in order to complete this task. 

Once the BMR is complete, and the cadet has graduated RT, the cadet is advanced to E-2, Seaman Apprentice.  At this point, the cadet can attend Advanced Trainings (ATs) that are held all over the United States.  Most ATs are less than $300 and include berthing and meals for the entire training.

Following the completion of an AT and required coursework (in addition to the BMR), cadets advance in rank.  Cadets can "rank-up" all the way to Chief Petty Officer.

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